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Circle of Excellence 2023

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Providing excellence in labour market research requires a strategic understanding of the needs of local employers. Whether it is choosing the preferred educational pathway, effective job search techniques or planning for jobs that have yet to exist, it is imperative to understand this employer perspective. Our Circle of Excellence is a collection of just 12 of BC’s leading employers who embody the highest ideals in recruitment and retention.


Employers create the jobs of tomorrow, identify the skills needed and work with colleges, universities and other vocational trainers to help create our future workforce. To better educate career professionals around British Columbia, the BC Labour Market Report has convened a ‘Circle of Excellence’; twelve prominent employers who are leaders in their field and excel as employers-of-choice in our rapidly changing labour market.


The Circle of Excellence represents our labour market brain trust, a group of employers so respected in their sectors that we seek out their insights into the changing nature of occupations, new and emerging skills, effective recruitment and retention and human resources strategies we feel are ‘best practice’ for the labour market.


To learn more about the Circle of Excellence,
please call us at: 604-288-2424
or email us at:

2023 Employers of Excellence

Early in 2023, we issued a series of nominations to a limited number of high-profile British Columbia employers requesting expressions of interest in joining the 2023 Circle of Excellence. We are currently evaluating these applications and will be selecting our 12 Employers of Excellence by January 31, 2023.


In exchange for participating in the Circle of Excellence, we have a commitment to supporting our employer members in meeting and exceeding their recruitment objectives.  The BC Labour Market Report and Labour Market Online is utilized by more than 4,000 British Columbia career professionals working in government, education and employment services, assisting nearly 100,000 students and job seekers on annual basis. A key benefit for Employers of Excellence is regularly connecting with this audience and an opportunity to distinguish themselves from competing employers in the same sector.

Members of the Circle of Excellence enjoy the following benefits:

  • Prominent acknowledgement of membership on the welcome page of Labour Market Online as well an individual page on the website providing a detailed labour market profile for their organization.

  • Links on Labour Market Online and in the weekly BC Labour Market Report going back to the employer’s recruitment page.

  • Complimentary membership in Labour Market Online and detailed monthly labour market information helping to inform their own recruitment and retention practices.

  • Monthly promotion in a press release timed to coincide with the release of the Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey and whenever possible, notation in mainstream media interviews.

  • Employment opportunities and hiring activities for each member being shared through eight separate social media platforms being followed by approximately 10,000 users.

  • Promotion and an exclusive opportunity to speak at the 2023 BC Labour Market Conference (taking place in July 2023), which is attended by approximately 300 career professionals, whose organizations are assisting tens of thousands of job seekers.

  • Promotion at the province-wide 2023 BC Labour Market Workshops (taking place in December 2023), which are attended by approximately 500 career professionals.

  • Promotion through the monthly BC Labour Market Webinars, which attract an annual audience of approximately 3,000 career professionals.

  • Exclusive access to new and emerging labour market intelligence.

  • Discounted opportunities for labour market training for managers, human resources and at industry events.


Cost of Membership


While the Circle of Excellence is limited to just 12 members, it does require additional resources to support our Employers of Excellence. Selected members pay a monthly membership fee of $795.00 per month, billed for one year, with the first payment due on February 1, 2023 and the final payment due on January 1, 2024.


Expressions of Interest


While we have nominated British Columbia’s most prominent employers for membership in the Circle of Excellence, we are open to employers we may have neglected to nominate but which meet our key criteria:

  • Excellence in their professional category

  • Past acknowledgement for outstanding recruitment and human resources practices

  • Diversity of professional roles

  • Recruitment opportunities promoted throughout British Columbia


If you would like to have your organization considered for our 2023 Circle of Excellence, please call us at: 604-288-2424 or email us at:


Deadline for Expressions of Interest


We are currently working with applicants and will be announcing the Circle of Excellence on February 7th, 2023. Once we have selected an approved candidate for membership in the Circle and they have completed the Memorandum of Understanding for 2023, they will receive a commemorative award, acknowledgement through Labour Market Online and digital iconography they can use in their recruitment marketing.

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