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Labour Market Solutions

Labour Market Solutions is the parent organization of the Ontario Labour Market Report and the BC Labour Market Report. In this capacity, LMS publishes weekly newsletters, monthly reports and guides such as the Ontario Labour Market Guide and the BC Labour Market Guide.
To provide an all-in-one platform for researching the labour market, in 2018 LMS developed 'Labour Market Online British Columbia'. Work is currently underway to develop a platform for Ontario,
due for release in Spring 2019. 
LMS is also responsible for hosting workshops providing an overview of the labour market in British Columbia in January of each year and in Ontario in February. LMS also hosts annual labour market conferences in Toronto and Vancouver. To learn more about both publications, please visit the links below. 

Ontario Labour Market Report

Unit 270 - 2 Toronto Street

Toronto, ON M5C 2B5
Tel: 416-628-8032


BC Labour Market Report

PO Box 18148, 1215 56th Street

Delta, BC V4L 2M4
Tel: 604-288-2424

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