2022 BC Labour Market Conference

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A skills-shortage going into the pandemic has progressed to become a labour market crisis for many employers. Industries such as tourism, accommodation, entertainment and hospitality are experiencing  a 20-30% shortfall in recruiting the workers they need. Prospective employees are ghosting employers at levels never seen before and highly skilled jobs are facing shortfalls that can hurt employers and the economy in ways never expected. This year’s conference will break down all of the most promising occupations in BC’s labour market and provide industry experts with insights into what career professionals will need to know in the coming decade.


We're finalizing our agenda and speaker roster but the conference is organized with attention to all of the following areas:

  • Reviewing the Top Occupations in all 10 NOC Groups: We are bringing in industry experts to share the top occupations in all 10 NOC groups from ’0’ Management Occupations to ’9’ Manufacturing / Utilities Occupations, providing specific examples of what workers can do to excel in each of these areas.

  • Panel Discussions: In large occupation groups such as ‘Sales and Service’; ‘‘Applied Science and Technology’; and ’Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators’ we are organizing panel discussions to provide the broadest possible perspective on the highest growth occupations.

  • Break-Out Groups: Adopting the concept developed at ‘Pixar’ we are hosting ‘Notes Sessions’ gathering information on the most important trends and factors in the career development sector including: Hybrid Work; Career Development Best Practices; Better Serving Under-Represented Groups; Salary and Benefits; Licensing and Certification. All sessions will be summarized and shared with all participants

  • Labour Market Experts: We're organizing a number of experts to discuss critical areas such as labour market projections; industry insights; government policy; and occupational forecasting for BC's labour market.

  • Fun and Games: To engage participants, we are planning a number of games and activities including the 2022 return of the ‘Labour Market Amazing Race’.



June 2, 2022  |   9:00am - 12:00noon and 1:00pm - 3:30pm

June 3, 2022  |   9:00am - 12:00noon



All sessions will be presented live using GotoWebinar on June 2nd and June 3rd. Any participants who register can view as many sessions as they choose and if they miss any sessions all of them will be available afterwards in a recording.


While in the past, participants had to choose just two break-out groups to attend, this year's session will allow participants to attend two sessions live and later watch the other three sessions from recordings.



To register, please download and complete the Registration Form from and email it to: labourmarketregistration@outlook.com  There are discounted rates for larger groups which are detailed to the right. Members of Labour Market Online, have registration rates that are discounted 25%.




Given the virtual nature of this year's conference, we've combined the role of exhibitor and sponsor into one classification: 'Conference Sponsor'. These organizations will receive the following benefits:

  • Logo acknowledgement at the beginning of each day as well as after lunch; receiving personal thanks in the opening remarks

  • Materials included in the electronic kit received by all participants

  • Opportunity to speak to the assembled conference for three minutes

  • Opportunity to introduce one of our speakers.

  • Acknowledgement in all press releases and marketing materials

  • Acknowledgement in four separate social media posts, read by more than 6,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.




$1,119.95 for Non-Members by May 25, 2022

(Regular Cost: $1495.95)

$745.95 for BCLMO Members by May 25, 2022

(Regular Cost: $995.00)


For more information on the conference, please email Labour Market Online at bclmr@outlook.com or telephone us at: 604-288-2424.

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MAY 25, 2022

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$119.95 for Groups of 2-5 Participants

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​$89.95 for Groups of 6-20 Participants

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