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LMI 101: Online Training Modules  |  Jun. / Jul. 2023 

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British Columbia’s emerging job market is all about choice. Previously, job seekers needed to take a job simply because of scarcity but now there may be multiple employers competing for the same candidate. It’s never been more important to provide strong LMI that informs how and what we share with clients in career transition.


Labour Market 101 reviews the labour market and provides the resources and tools necessary for career professionals to develop their labour-market-informed practice.


This workshop is essential for anyone who is new to the career development sector and those looking to sharpen their LMI skills. While each module includes a broad and comprehensive look at the labour market, we’ve tailored each module to five separate career development roles to reflect the different ways LMI is utilized in the role:


  • Resource Room Advisors: While it encompasses a full examination of the labour market, this module focuses on labour market resources, tools and statistical data that would be useful to independent job seekers.

  • Case Managers: This module is intended to give case managers a comprehensive understanding of the labour market with the necessary resources to provide informed feedback to job seekers and direct clients to additional resources.

  • Facilitators: With a focus on resources suitable to groups, this module explores strategies for making labour market information both interesting and interactive for groups utilizing imagery, graphs and ice-breaker exercises.

  • Job Developers: Our job developer module flips the labour market paradigm, exploring labour market information from the employer’s perspective, providing information that would be key to employers and tools that can make employers more effective in recruitment and retention.

  • Program Managers / Supervisors: This module goes beyond the client experience and explores labour market analysis as an opportunity to train and develop staff, provide unique insights to funders, work with local stakeholders and gather LMI for proposals and project development.


Registation Closes:

June 23, 2023

To register for the workshops,

please complete the


and email it to


Staff should attend only the session most suited to their area of expertise.

Resource Room Advisors

Mon. Jun. 26, 2023   |   9am-11am


Case Managers

Thurs. Jun. 29, 2023   |   9am-11am



Wed. Jul. 5, 2023   |   9am-11am


Job Developers

Thurs. Jul. 6, 2023   |   9am-11am


Program Managers / Supervisors

Fri. Jul. 7, 2023   |   9am-11am



  • $145/ each, 1-2 Participants

  • $115/each, 3-4 Participants 

  • $100/each, 5-9 Participants

  • $75/each, 10+ Participants




* For group discounts, all registrations must be included on one registration form and paid via one invoice to take advantage of the full discount. 

** To take advantage of the Labour Market Online Member discount, membership must be noted in the original registration form.

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