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Nov. 18, 2020

BC Labour Market Year in Review Workshops

This year’s ‘2020: The Labour Market Year-in-Review Workshops’, will examine the most chaotic year British Columbia’s labour market has experienced in decades. While the workshop will be virtual, the longer session and smaller group will allow for an interactive discussion of the  local impacts of the economic downturn, regional data, significant labour market events from the past year, new research, data and projections for the coming year.

This virtual workshop will provide participants with new resources they can use in their career development practice, a critical local perspective of how the labour market is changing and a clear understanding of how the labour market will be transformed in the coming months. Utilizing a virtual platform, we’ll be able to deliver this workshop and examine parts of British Columbia we don’t typically address in these yearly sessions. Participants will be provided with a unique opportunity to network and connect with other participants and as always, we will deliver the workshop in a fun and engaging manner.


  • Case Managers

  • Resource Centre Staff

  • Job Developers

  • Workshop Facilitators

  • Administrators

  • Program Managers

  • Instructors / Counsellors


  • $79.95 / Individuals   ($54.95 by Nov. 18th)

  • $59.95 /each, 2-5 Part.  ($39.95 by Nov. 18th)

  • $39.95 /each, 6-20 Part.  ($27.95 by Nov. 18th)

  • $29.95 /each, 21-50 Part.  ($19.95 by Nov. 18th)

  • $19.95 /each, 51-100 Part.  ($14.95 by Nov. 18th)

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