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May 27, 2020 Segment:

Using Social Media in Job Search

From ‘The BC Job Search Guide’ by Christian Saint Cyr


Contrary to what you might have heard, social media’s most effective use is not as a means of posting embarrassing party pictures or telling someone what you’re having for lunch. I use the word ‘effective’ because these references may still dominate social media but they won’t help you much in getting a job.


As I write this, I realize that I may be speaking to one of two groups. There are those who think social media is stupid and not worth their time and there are others who think that social media is an extension of their life where you connect with friends and families regarding every aspect of your life and its indispensable. If you’re adopting either of these attitude, it’s going to be hard to use these tools in furthering your job search goals.


To those of you in the first group, while I respect you believe social media is a waste of time, you’re likely overlooking an opportunity to get your name known by hundreds of people capable of connecting you with great jobs.


For those of you who have 10,000 cute pictures of your cat on your Facebook page or you’re regularly tweeting the funniest quotes you’ve heard on Family Guy, you’re slowly littering the Internet with reasons not to hire you.


If you’re going to use social media to help your job search, you’re going to want to adopt a professional persona for expressing your interests and opinions. This will mean adopting a social media presence if you don’t have one or ensuring you have the most professional presence possible with the ones you have.


There are many social media sites including Snapchat, Reddit, Pintrest, Tumblr and Flickr but the four social media sites you need to pay the most attention to are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. These four tools are widely followed and are suitable for engaging employers.


If you don’t have a presence already, you will want to establish a profile in each of these sites. If your whole purpose for this profile is to look for work and network then I would recommend you make it as professional as possible. Use a professional photograph and list previous schools you’ve attended and employers you’ve worked for. Post articles and information you find useful in your profession and actively follow the profiles of business people, companies and professional associations related to your occupation.


With Facebook, take the time to ‘like’ the posts of businesses or organizations in your profession. Even if potential employers aren’t putting the posts on Facebook, they will see who ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ their organization’s posts. On Twitter, you will want to retweet items you find that have been placed by organizations in your profession.


LinkedIn is likely the most valuable social media site that can assist job seekers. The whole purpose of LinkedIn is to connect professionals. This can be your most valuable tool when asking for information interviews. When you prepare your profile, you’ll want it to be as professional and detailed as possible.


If your Facebook profile is too important to you to surrender, then may I suggest you focus on just Twitter and LinkedIn. While there’s no guarantees, regularly visit the privacy settings to ensure your profile is hidden from general view.


Job Maker of the Week


Interior Health is hosting a Virtual Career Fair, June 2, 2020 from 10am-3pm. Their recruitment team will help you explore the variety of career opportunities available with one of BC’s Top Employers. For Aboriginal applicants, Interior Health offers assistance in career exploration; if you are not sure which category (from the list below) your skills and experience would match, we invite you to join the Aboriginal Career Specialists in the Aboriginal Careers chat room to answer questions and offer support.


Positions include:

  • Nursing

  • Health care assistants

  • Occupational therapists & rehabilitation assistants

  • Medical laboratory

  • Support services (cooks, cleaners, & housekeepers)

  • Mental health & substance use

  • Pharmacy

  • Administrative professionals

  • Information technology

  • Medical imaging

  • General opportunities


There will be plenty of opportunities to have your questions answered and gain insight on your career application.

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