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2023 Workshop Documents

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Top Labour Market Stories of 2023

  1. Is career development the secret to keeping employees onboard? 

  2. More than half of Canadian companies using AI to
    do work

  3. Tech layoffs continue to hit B.C. in largest sector downsizing in over a decade

  4. LinkedIn bets on skills over degrees as future of hiring

  5. Canadian business insolvencies surge almost 42% from last year

  6. Hiring refugees is not just 'doing a good thing' – research shows it can also help businesses

  7. Breakthrough in B.C. port dispute as new tentative deal is reached

  8. More than 1 in 3 hiring managers admit to lying during recruitment

  9. New asbestos abatement licensing requirements loom for building sector

  10. B.C. lands $1-billion E-One Moli Energy Battery cell plant

Top Government Initiatives of 2023

  1.  More transparent job postings mean fairer work environments

  2. New act streamlines credential recognition for internationally trained professionals

  3. Setting employment standards for gig workers, specifically for ride-hailing and food delivery

  4. Ottawa announces changes to TFWP

  5. Canada announces measures to prevent study permit fraud

  6. The Public Service Alliance of Canada reached an agreement with the Canada Public Service Commission

  7. B.C. increases student financial aid, eases repayment 

  8. B.C. moving to join other provinces in allowing physician assistants

  9. B.C. minimum wage increases June 1 for lowest-paid workers

  10. Canadian military relaxes rules to try and increase recruits

Best Research and Reports from 2023

  1. British Columbia Labour Market Outlook: 2023-2032

  2. Career Development in 2040

  3. BC Check-Up 2023 Work

  4. Addressing the Labour Market Gap

  5. A Path Forward for the Gig Economy in British Columbia

  6. Measuring Matters: Assessing Canada’s progress toward $10-a-day child care for all

  7. The Greying of Canada's Population

  8. Robert Half 2024 Salary Guide

  9. BC Construction & Maintenance Looking Forward: 2023-2032

  10. Mind the Gap: Compensation Disparity Between Canadian and American Technology Workers

Thank you! 

for attending this year's Labour Market Year-in-Review Workshop. We've included all of the supporting material below, but if you have any questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

All my best!


Key Documents

Individual Workshop PowerPoint Presentations

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